Saturday, December 5, 2009

Aye aye aye..

Aye Aye I... I'm your little butterfly.. Green, black and blue make the color in the sky
Aye Aye Aye.. Where's my Samurai?

Lately, I've been watching and reading some Samurai related text and that song *points above* I'm sure guys know that song came to my mind yesterday. So I decided to write about the Samurai for today's entry.

A couple of days ago, I was watching "Takizawa Enbujo" which is Takki's Samurai Musical. When he appeared, I thought "Woah.. Takki as a Samurai is really convincing." It then stuck me that I've never seen a Samurai, how do I know Takki looks/behaves like a Samurai? His sharp fierce eyes? Neatly shaped eyebrows? Squarish jaw? The way he speaks? His gesture?

You see.. these characteristics listed above are my impression of a Samurai which is obviously mediated. In films, Samurai always appear to look very fierce and speaks in a low tone and it made us think that all Samurai are like that. What we see is what the media whats us to see and not necessarily 100% accurate. I'm not saying what they're showing is wrong. .I'm just wondering about it. My apologies if you find entries as such boring. It's just that I usually spend my time wondering about things like that although I look like I don't use my brain a lot.

Anywayyy.. so how does your mediated Samurai looks like? Here's my top 3 favorite samurai actors.

1. Takizawa Hideaki
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Although Takki has a little Western feature his nose? eyes?, I think he still can play as a Samurai. I guess it's because he have this what the Chinese call "General(將軍) Face" General as in Military's Generalissimo not the common general.

At 2nd place would of course be Domoto Koichi.
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He somehow reminded me of Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin. Besides, his skills in swinging the blades in Sushi Oji and SHOCK is one of the factors too.and the eyes! He was also ranked 2nd in a poll "Which actor would you like to see play the role of a samurai warlord of the Sengoku period (1467/1493-1573)?" Sorry that I couldn't find a better samurai picture of Ko chan.

If you're wondering who was rank first in that poll.. It was MatsuJun. But I prefer to see Jun looking glamor in his bling. Actually I think he looks more like an emperor

At 3rd place, Miura Haruma who is currently starring in the drama "Samurai High School"
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Honestly, when I first watch Samurai High School, I was like "YERRR what kind of show is this. So lame one." Thank God I did not stop watching it. It gets better episode by episode and Miura proved that whether a thug, hacker, guy who make his girlfriend pregnant, detective or a student, he can carry his role well. And now he can add Samurai into his archive.

Also , I've never seen him as a Samurai before.. but I think he have the eyebrows of a Samurai. Very oriental eyes, Kamenashi Kazuya. No need picture la ya.. Lazy to Google.

And of course that guy who played as a blind samurai 3 years ago

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Who? Figure out yourself!

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