Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nothing is permanent but Change

There is a new virus T(3c1-1) that is constantly invading us. It's very hard to stop it once you caught it and everyday, more and more people are infected by it.

Signs of T(3c1-1)
Constantly wanting things to function to the maximum in the minimum possible time, in another words faster, more efficient, the shorter the better.

Symptoms of T(3c1-1)
Doubting the currency of newspapers, ranting about how slow your internet is, always wanting to tweet, check your mails every 10 minutes

Effects of T(3c1-1)
Once infected, a person will lose his patience, might become lazier and the worse of all, when a whole lot of people are infected, it will lead to the death of newspaper.

You must be wondering what am I talking about huh? It's about Technology and the future. In case you're wondering, T(3c1-1) comes from the word Tech, and I was the one who made that up.

Last semester, there was this discussion about newspaper and how long more will it last. I believe that newspaper will always exist and it's impossible for the interne to take over the papers. Why? Simple enough, in the world, there are more people without internet access compared to netizens.

But come to think of it.. It's just a matter of time. Newspaper circulation have been falling while conversely micro blogs like tumblr, twitters are emerging. Fast and efficient.. that's what people today wants. Newspapers are considered outdated compared to SMS alerts, twitters and more. If you want your news to be more detailed, you can even check out blogs.

Technology is not a living organism. But it slowly engulfs us into it, slowly taking over us. Even me myself have to carry my iTouch around so that I can tweet whenever I can access the wifi. And what do I tweet? The most mundane events of my life from the weather to what I had for lunch.

It's sad to see a tool for mundane events has the potential to take over newspapers. A friend suggested, death of newspaper = save more trees. Plus, newspapers are actually for advertisements, internet has lesser ads. Sounds quite positive, but how many jobs will be lost through 'Internetization'?

But you know what? Nothing is permanent but change. When the time comes, newspaper will have to go to somewhere that is better for it.

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