Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stupid is as stupid does

I have so many things to blog about and I don't know where to start. Maybe I should write it chronologically.

Tuesday, 1st December
After touching down from the land down under on Sunday,Estee came over to my house. We're suppose to have lunch cooking session but postponed it because Jackie is having classes during lunch time. So we plan our yum cha turn dinner session on 5PM. Kim came late due to the heavy traffic and Jackie in the end, did not make it. You better make it next time okayyyy! As usual, Estee made us laugh with her unintended jokes. Hahaha Estee ah estee.. At least you know more about Russia, UK and the US now. Don't be so anti social ya?

Wednesday, 2nd December
I went to The Curve again! To collect my Hard disc this time. I had to pay RM100 for data recovery. Should have saved more things inside and make it more worth it. But it's good to hear that nothing big happened on my HD. I took some pics with the Xmas decoration outside of The Curve.
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I think they recycle their Xmas decoration which is a good thing in a way

Came home..and watch the long anticipated, Forrest Gump! Big thanks to Kim for the DVD
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This movie's really good! Go and get the DVD if u have the chance. You know sometimes, a story doesn't have to be complicated to be exciting or interesting. Forrest Gump, a very simple story of a simple person can be so unique. Besides Hanks, Gary Sinise is in the movie as well. Detective Mac Taylor! I think I wanna get the novel of it and also Bubba Gump anyone?
At night, I watched Samurai High School which I will blog about it next time.

This morning, I watch the Da Vinci Code. and tomorrow maybe The Lady's Killer I'm watching a Tom Hanks' movie but I was expecting Nicholas Cage's face. .I have no idea why.

And I just got my results! Cannot be considered good but there's slight improvement. Phewww

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