Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm an elite

Yesterday, I ended my post, saying that I'll story about my weird dream. I'm actually a little lazy haha but since there's nothing much to blog about today, I'll talk about it la.

Apparently in my dream, I'm some don't remember the name country's elite and was invited to dine with the King and His family in a restaurant. My tummy was upset so I can only eat mixed rice, take away specially for me from Koon Kee (some coffee shop near my house). Don't understand why can't they serve it on a plate for me but in polystyrene packs. And the dishes were exactly the same as what my dad had for lunch in real life.

Back to dream story.. I went to the wash room and when I came back, guess what happened? The King was murdered. And me, being the elite stood up like Kindaichi and said, "I will solve this case" So together with the Queen and Prince, we went and investigate. The first place we went was the next room in the restaurant. I don't know what is it but it seems like there's some sort of ritual going on? There's this really scary looking leader there..chanting I guess. I ask a couple of question and suddenly I'm in a train.

(Fast Forward...........)
I ask the prince something and he showed me chocolate filling bun. Immediately, I knew where is the murderer hiding. So we took the train back again and this time, we went to Atria (some mall near my house) and the murderer is disguising as a patissier making Siew Pau for one of the Chinese restaurant in Atria. When I saw him, I slapped him and then punch him Tokyo Dogs style. He manage to run into the lift and and... I woke up before catching him!!! Gees.. at least let me catch him or something.
Hmmm there were more events that took place in this dream. But I'm too lazy to find the right word to describe it. Shall write it out properly when I'm really free.
And I think unconsciously, I'm quite a narcissist? Last time, I dreamed that I was a queen and now an elite? Hahah and I think watching Tokyo Dogs did affect my dream..which kinda worries me cause I watched like 6 episodes of Criminal Minds this afternoon.

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