Monday, January 11, 2010

Music Monday #9

Try guessing who will be featured on this week's Music Monday. Hmm.. I blog about this person a couple of days ago, not under Music Monday though.. *hint hint* so easy to guess

Yup, it's Domoto Tsuyoshi! Did u get it right? Anyway, last time, I blog about Tsuyoshi's solo project. So today's entry will be about his solo song under KinKi Kids. You must be wondering what's the differences between solo project and solo song.

Well well.. Tsuyoshi's solo project(under the name ENDLICHERI ENDLICHERI, 244ENDLIX, Tsuyoshi) have very very different sound compared to his solo songs under KinKi Kids. He may not have any power house vocals but like his same, his songs from his solo projects are tsuyoi!(strong)

His solo songs, conversely, are more toned down which is not a bad thing. I think its more acceptable by the mass audience because it's not as deep and emotional as his solo projects.

One of my all time favorite solo song by Tsuyoshi is Breath which can be found in KinKi Kids' H-album

Some songs, they grow on you as you listen to it more. But this song, it takes only 1 try for me to like it. I hope you guys will like it too.

On another note,so far, my Koichi time lapse video had 485 views! 2 youtube users even rated a 5 stars for it. Haha thank you very much for the support!

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