Friday, January 22, 2010


My sophomore year will only begin this March but I have a feeling that it will be a good year ahead. This is because I’ve received a Kit Kat Gokaku* mug from Shari a couple of days ago.(*Gokaku means five angles[pentagon] but can also means ‘pass’ in Japanese). Thank goodness it’s not a square/rectangular mug because four angles = shikaku and shikaku = fail. Yes, I love word puns

On Wednesday, I saw a box lying on my car porch. No idea why my parcel always arrive when I’m out. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting the Kit Kat pentagon mug because my previous parcel from Japan took about 2 weeks to reach me. And when I saw some familiar looking orange letters 'JP network Yubinkyoku' printed on the box.

"It's HERE!! It's HERE!!"

Wrapped with lots of lots of bubble wrap, my mug arrived in perfect condition. A big thanks to the bubble wrap for protecting the mug and it will keep my sis and I occupied for some time because we love playing with bubble wraps. Especially my sister who even downloaded the bubble wrap application.

Anyway meet Go, my new mug I like to name my belongings

It comes with 2 packs of Kit Kat 96kcal each

And a pack of Nescafe too~

Talking about Kit Kat.. my sister told me that original Kit Kat in other countries tasted better than the ones in Malaysia. I didn't believe her. I mean how is that possible? Shouldn't there be some ISO or something. Guess what? She's so right! This Kit Kat tasted better than those from Malaysia! I can't tell whether its the chocolate or the waffle that tasted better but it really tasted better. Hmm..Maybe different kind of oil used? Anyway I can't believe my sister ate a whole lot of Kit Kat in Australia and never even buy a bar for me!!

And lastly

Bad hair day is not a reason to not enjoy a cup of coffee hee


  1. Thanks for the pictures, Rene. I love seeing the picture of you with the mug!

    Frankly, I'm shocked at how the postal service beat the crap out of the box! When I wrapped everything in about 4 feet of bubble wrap, I thought I was overdoing it. Now, I'm rather glad that I went as far as I could with padding since it looks like the box took a beating!

  2. Congratulations! Oh, and American KitKat tastes bad, too. Japanese and European KitKats are better! I wonder how the Malaysian version compares to the US?

  3. @Orchid64
    The bubble wrap did a great job in protecting the mug. Thanks for wrapping so many layers of it. =)

    Thanks! and I didn't know that the American Kit Kat tastes bad. Maybe I should ask my cousin to buy one for me and compare with the Malaysian one.

  4. Hi i would like to get one gokaku cup for my brother on his upcoming birthday.he loves it a lot.but in our country we cant buy it.Kindly help this sister.plzzzz i want this badly for my brother.if u can help kindly mail in this
    even a second hand will be fine