Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's a pentagon!

I wanted to blog about this last night but I was so occupied with
things since morning. A 30 minutes groceries shopping took me 50
minutes instead because the security guard didn't wanna give me my
free gift! Then my day went on with some cleaning, packing, and
unpacking. I only manage to take my usual 4pm bath at 10pm!! Today's
samsung corby's event was so tiring! But I'll only blog about if some
other day la. I won't be having any Internet connection tonight. the title says, heee I just won Japanese snack review's
contest! I can't wait to receive my kit kat gokaku (pentagon) mug! I'm
already imagining myself drinking my fav English Breakfast tea from
every angle of the mug haha! Thank you so much for organizing this
contest! Feel free to check out japanese snack review's blog for some
snack reviews! I'm currently blogging via email so I can't put in any
hyperlinks or pics in my entry. Please check out the right side of my
blog for the link!

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