Thursday, September 3, 2009

No news is good news

You know what's the best story book ever?
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Newspapers! It's kinda funny that I only started reading the newspaper when I'm taking the Feature Writing course. Last semester, I took Newsroom Practice, which requires knowledge on current issue..but I didn't bother flipping the newspapers.

Why is the newspaper the best source for stories ever?
  • It has a sense of reality
  • You'll gain very useful general knowledge..both international and local
  • The pictures in the sports section is very entertaining
Many people complain that the newspaper reports mostly political news..which is boring. But which country doesn't have thier own political problems? Politics can be quite interesting too. I'm a fan of crime fics hence everyday, I check the newspaper, hoping for new infos about Teoh Beng Hock's case. Anyone else who follows that case?
For those who don't know what is it about, basically it's about a groom and father-to-be died on the day before his marriage under custody. People said that he commited suicide but there's just wayyyyyyyy to many conspiracy. A little trivia.. since 2003, there are 1804 people who died under custody. I don't wanna mention much about it if you're interested, just google it ya?

There are other news that I follow such as the recent Temple issue in Shah Alam which created a big hu-ha lately. It's becoming a serious racial issue. This news is about Muslim residents of Section 23 apposed the building of a Hindu mosque in their area. "It's too noisy","It's too near to the playground", "It will cause traffic jam", "It will lower the value of our house". So they had a demonstration with a chopped off cow head, warning that there might be blood shed. If you're wondering why a cow head.. It's because to Hindus, cows are seen as something sacred. Don't you think they're going too a little too far?

I have more news to share.. but I don't wanna bore you all out.. So some other time ya!

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