Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You Don't Miss your Water..till the well runs dry

Urghhh! I really hate it when this friend of mine did not turn up in lecture and ask me to sign her attendance! "Oh, please sign for my friend too!" I'm so pissed when I read her sms. This is her 4th week missing in action.. second time requesting me to do so. But I didn't bother signing for her anyway. Haha sounds like some super kiasu kid.. but I think its unnecessary for me to compliment her laziness. Jeez, I'm not a welfare center you know! Maybe I should tell her off next time.

Ahh.. I really should go video hopping on youtube more often. There are soooooooo many interesting videos that I'm not aware off! Makes me feel like a frog living under the well. Anyway, I'm really tired today so I'll end here with a Merdeka video which I find really inspiring. Enjoy watching!

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