Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amazing Tsuyoshi

Tsuyoshi and CA4LA (pronounced Ka-Shi-La) collab-ed recently. CA4LA is a popular Tokyo-based Japanese hat brand with shops all over Japan. And today, they'll be releasing the very final hat from their Tsu4shi x CA4LA line. The shop only opens at 11am and there are actually people queuing up since 4pm! Imageshack is being uncooperative right now.. So I can't upload pics. Go check it out yourself here Tokyo Fashion.com I want one of those too!

Anyway... what did I do today? I did work on my assignment.. haha but still way behind scheduled. Dayum.. one week more till it dues. Ohh and I bake cupcakes! I have a 'KinKi Kids' and '2pm' cupcake! Gonna eat it tomorrow! heeeee

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