Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are you a techno slave?

*points to technology and sings Birtney's "I'm a slave for you"

I wanted to blog about newspapers but decided it might be a boring topic. Before boring everyone to death, I should just blog about something people can relate to.

Back to tech talk.. Sad to say, I'm partially a techno slave. No, I'm not refering to techno music fans but people who relies on technology HIGHLY.

Can you live without your hand phone?
Can you live without the internet?

If you're answers are No for both questions... you're probably one of us too.

As for me, I can live without my hand phone if I'm equipped with the internet or I can live without the internet when I'm having my phone. Either one of it have to exist for me. I've tried not switching on my phone for a day? or more and the only messages I receive was from Hotlink. I know I got no friends la And I've tried not going online for weeks and I'm still perfectly fine. But texted a whole lotta smses

But one habit that I can't break is if I'm in front of the pc, I'll check my mail about every 10 minutes. this is one characteristic of a techno slave I check my email very very often! Even more often then checking my sms-es. So If you can't get me, just email me.

Technology is definitely one of the best thing since sliced bread. Does the technolgy bring you closer or further to other people? Yes, it indeed brought further people closer to you. I can interact with people on the other side of the globe..but what about people around you? It has definitely build a transparent wall in between people around you. For example, on the train or when you're waiting for someone, you'll take out your iPod, listen to it and "pretend" to look buzy. Then people will just ignore you. Yes I do that a lot

Besides that, I've also seen people who rather interact using Msn or sms then talking to face to face when they're living under the same roof, just that they're in different rooms. Lazy lazy lazy! Technolog's turning us lazy.. including me Where's the human touch? Seriously, We need to stop taking advantage on convenience.. If not we'll end up like Wall-E. I didn't watch that show but I heard it has a pretty good picture of techno slaves there. Maybe I should check it out someday later.

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