Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fashion Terrorist #1

Inspired by Okcat, who openly admits he's a fashion terror, I decided to start a collumn(?) on clothes that I like and clothes that I bought but don't dare to wear out. In another words, impulse buying and lalaism.

Anyway, I've always like the preppy look, but sadly, does not belong to the preps. Inspired by the Johnny boys such as Nakamaru Yuichi and Okamoto Keito who looks really good in preppy costume, I decided to try the prep look too! No harm trying right?

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That's my favorite Argyle sweater from Shopaholics Unite, and did I mention that Argyle patterns are LOVE! Kim likes that pattern too! I wanna get more argyle patterned clothes but it's not cheap. Whenver I see argyle patterns, I'll call it Nakamaru pattern to pay homemage to him. Inside, I wore a sleeveless purple Ralph Lauren polo top bought from Bangkok I think. Addidas tennis skirt from the morning market why do I buy so many fake goods? and socks from socks world

I wore that to 1u yesterday minus the socks la. cause it was too tight. All I need is a pair of fake nerdy glasses.

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