Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have no idea why conspiracy's in caps in the title.
Anyway, there's just so many conspiracy going on that I don't know who/what source to trust. Ohh conspiracy free credibility, where have you been? Even in F1 driving, conspiracy's not unusual. Hats off to Kristy for blogging about the Renault F1 team. Why is conspiracies taking over the world? I'm guessing it's because of capitalism. Better stop talking about capitalism before I go into Critical Political Economy (CPE). I'm a communication student afterall

On a lighter note, I went to IKEA today! My main aim was to get a laptop stand/table?/something to put on your lap below ur laptop so that the heat of the laptop won't burn u. Something along that line la. But I totally forgot about it and end up buying hangers. I don't even know whether I need it or not. It's cheap! thats why I bought it.

One thing that I don't like about IKEA is the journey is so long!! I'm not impatient, its just that I don't have a passion for furnitures. The only thing I'm interested in IKEA is their wall pictures. Wanna buy some of it to decorate my house! I love wall pictures, I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm not good in art? Thats why I appriciate art? Hmm no idea. Good thing that I only visit IKEA once in a blue moon. Eh..one more thing that makes IKEA an amazing place to go is thier food! Their ice cream is cheaper and better than McD's cone sundae! Not forgetting the curry puffs! Meat balls are umm okay la but today's Salmon was quite a let down. So what's my stand? No idea

Feel like getting a name plated ring. But so expensive laaa

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