Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blame the swines?

So I was browsing some random forums..and came across the news about Yamashita Tomohisa (Pi) and Nishikido Ryo (Ryo) is reported to be down with Influenza A. However, It's not confirm yet but it is possible that they might have the H1N1 strand in them.

Thank goodness it is not possible to spread via television. If not so many people will be getting it. Including me who is watching borth their dramas currently. *touch wood*

Anyway..this flu is not something to be taken lightly. How many people are REALLY aware of this virus. Most of our knowledge about it stops at "The swines caused it". It's not until today that I realize that H1N1 is actually NOT Influenza A but a subtype of flu of it.

But before poiting fingers to the pigs, what have we done to prevent it? How many people actually wears the mask to public places? When you're down with flu/fever.. Whats the first thing you'll think of? "Aiyah.. it won't be H1n1 la.. I'll recover soon, just give me a couple of days."

Me! Haha I don't wear mask when I'm out.. and when I'm down with fever, I rule out the H1N1 possibility. I bought hand sanitizer but hardly use it cause I hate that gel-like texture thing on my hand. I do wash my hands very often..but is it really clean?? You know.. I actually drink Yakult everyday cause I think it can help prevent the flu. Hahaha

I'm sure there are lots of 'me' out there too. It's time to make unconvenient as a habit. Go get your mask and hand sanitizers!

Make sure you have extra masks with you.. Cause if your mask is wet (from all the sweating or breath or maybe saliva), it is easier for the bacteria to come to you. The bacs love moisture!

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