Thursday, September 17, 2009

We will move the clouds to brighter days :)

How far would a fan go for their idols? Answer me! This might be my major issue assignment topic.

Anyway, today's an okay day for me. Maybe it's because I did not eat well today, that's why I'm not feeling good. I had really late lunch, thanks to the rain that caused the slow traffic. Was SOOOOOOOO hungry you know! I had Subway, which was good. But I felt bloated after that, which was pretty unusual. Usually I can gulp down another ice cream after a 6 inch. And then dinner, dad attended some friend's dinner, sis went out with her church friends and I ta pao-ed subway for my mum. What about me? I'm not gonna eat maggie! It's unhealthyI'm lazy to cook, can't call or go out cause of the RAIN, so I ate layer cake which I've been eating for the pass few days.

Why do I rant so much? I have no idea. Perhaps the weather? I'm never found of rainy days. It makes me feel sentimental. *sings The Carpenters' Rainy Days and Mondays*

I hope people will stop disturbing him and invading his privacy.

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