Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How do you draw the line?

Use a ruler? Nahh
How do you draw the line between Rights to Know and Rights to Privacy? This got to be one of the biggest dilemma in the journalistic field, the grayest zone of all.

I remember last semester, I presented on Ethical Journalism for my final assignment. I have to pick my stand and guess what I chose? "Rights to Privacy". At that moment, I pick that stand to sound a little more ethical. Duh.. I'm presenting on Ethical Journalism People throw me questions and I stood firm for it. Today, I've finally made up my mind. My decision four months ago was right.

It's true that everyone has the right to know. But I have to say certain news doesn't really concern most people or at least it won't really affect a person's life even if they were not alert about certain happenings. As for rights to privacy.. a person and his family's(the subject) life is being placed under the spot light. Imagine how much unwanted attention the family have to face and it might be traumatic for them.

So he made it to the American news, and I can't believe that they actually film his house!! He's a victim and it's harsh for his family too. Give him some space! Are the journalist practicing ethical journalism?I don't know. Thats why I never want to be a journalist though I'm a journalism student. I take privacy very seriously

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