Monday, September 28, 2009

He's a bad boy I know, but here I go again oh no!

I hate this feeling la. Whenever I have a major assignment to be completed, I will be very very distracted over something else. Iish.. annoying annoying. Any secret remedies to make me stay focus? Someone help me!!

Anyway,I dyed my hair an hour ago. The result looks pretty okay but it's still to early to judge. This is my 3rd time coloring my hair but the first two times was done in Infinity at One Utama. This time, I decided to opt for a more economical option, which is to dye at home. It's surprisingly fast and easy and the dye I bought was really smell friendly too. I remember having headaches in the saloon due to the chemical smell of the dye. Another good thing about this dye is it comes with a leave on treatment so that your hair won't be damaged badly. In the saloon, the hairstylist will persuade you to go for treatment and it will burn another hole in your pocket.

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Hoyu hair dye. My color's not here la~

On another note, I've reached the 800th tweet yesterday! Haha I just can't stop tweeting *sing's Ne-Yo's Closer* Actually it's because I've been spamming people's twitter with silly messages heh.

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