Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Was suppose to blog about it on Tuesday but I was really occupied and yesterday was Migraine day. This post's 2 days late. Hee I know someone's waiting for me to blog about this

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..I hope for the best for your future and please stop feeling so guilty. Yes, you did something wrong, but its because you're still young,living in a harsh environment, but the most important part of all, you've changed,changed to a better and responsible person. No one else could have done a better job in leading the group. So please stop lowering your head and bow and then say that you're sorry. You don't have to apologize to those who cannot forgive and move on. It aches hottest a lot to see that scene. Lift it up, and live the path that you've chosen. It would be different to see only 6 of them to be on stage, but we'll get used to it. Hottest standbys you no matter what's your decision.
Love & Respect to Jay Park.

Jay is someone who I look up very much. He's very young (my sister's age), he dances and sings really well, yet he's very humble. You know how some people who dances very well can be quite a show off when they're dancing? Not gonna name anyone Jay's not like that at all. I even have his solo part in Again & Again as my ring tone!
But some people, they just wanna pick on him and crush his hard work. There were also people who started a petition, wanting him to commit suicide.

He's now back in Seattle with his family and friends. Probably a warmer place to be where freedom of speech is practiced then a place where he worked so hard and yet being attacked by a bunch of nethizens.get a life people! I'm touched to see so many people,not only from Hottest, but also other celebrities who stood up for Jay

In a nut shell~ I shall end this post with 2 videos~

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