Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Omoide wa itsu no hi mo ame

Yet another Birthday.. Happy Birthday Malaysia!! It's been 46 years! Although today is not celebrated in the Peninsula, but I think it's a day worth mentioning.

A usual 20 minutes trip back home from Monash took me an hour and 10 minutes. Thanks to the rain. Geez, the raining season is back. I can see endless jams waiting for me for the next following weeks. Good thing that the Puasa month will be over by then.. so not so bad la I guess?

Talking about Puasa.. I really think that our education system can be a failure some times. I was so pissed when I overheard middle school girls talking about Puasa. "What's the point of Puasa? You fast, then you eat so much after that?No difference also" "It's so easy, I can do that also la"

I was so angry at them when I heard it. Puasa is not about dieting or losing weight or anything around that line. It has a Holy purpose. It is a test, whether people are strong enough to stand temptations. By fasting, whether during Ramadan or other times, a Muslim draws closer to Allah by abandoning body pleasures, such as food, drink. This makes the sincerity of their faith and their devotion to God. It really made me question what they learn in school. I guess I should stop ear dropping people's conversations.. make my life so angry only

I can't wait for this weekend!

Btw the title "Omoide wa itsu no hi mo ame" translates to in my memories , it's always raining everyday in English. Yes..I hate it when it rains

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