Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Happy Greeting!

It's September 14! Two of my friend's birthday falls on today.

First of all can't break this habit eh? A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kristy! It's been another year! Haha how many birthday's have we went through? I believe it's the 6th one?
毎年も"泣きそうなときは思い出して,ちゃんと私がいるから" をはなして、
まあ。。これからも よろしくお願いしますね! ^^

And to Carmen!
Yo girl lady. One year older..but still looks so young. Reverse aging ke? Anyway don't forget you have the right to vote! So make the right decision. Haha Happy Birthday la okay. I won't mention about this voting thing anymore~ Hope you'll have a blasting one.

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