Thursday, February 11, 2010


I can't believe that I'm actually blogging at 12.17AM on my bed and the laptop just slammed onto my head cause I was adjusting the blanket. By now, I should be in my 2nd phase of rapid eye movement or dreaming about some silly adventure. My initial plan was to stay up to finish up Season1's Aibou.. but somehow the DVD doesn't come with subtitles and it's quite impossible for me to understand an awesome crime drama like Aibou without any subtitles. So.. blog la! What else haha

In less than a month, I'm going back to university. I guess I'm quite ready for it? Haha its a good reason to prevent me from staying at home and accompany my grandmother. Not that I dislike her what but as quoted from my sister, "I'll have a nervous breakdown if I stay at home everyday with her(grandma)". I'll story about my grandmother some other time ya? I actually wrote a super long post on Word, ranting about my grandmother but I've deleted it haha. It's not good to write things out of anger cause it will be very one sided.

One habit that I should really break is I should work harder for everything and not only on things that I like. Ten years ago, I quit taking piano lessons. I admit that it's my fault partially but I still can't believe that my teacher said "If you want to quit, its better to quit now" to me. I like to play the piano, its just that I prefer to play songs that I like and not some hamburger song. I know I have to be improve to be able to plays nice songs but I do practice and she made me sound like I'm some lazy student who was forced to pick up piano lessons by her mother.quite true

This is my brain storm book for my upcoming blog entries. When I'm about to blog about things that I like, I'll draw mind maps, take a few days to plan and draft it etc etc. But I've never done anything like that for any of my journalism assignments! Thats why I hate it when my lecturer starts drilling us with questions about our assignments. And guess what, I'm actually brain storming for an event that will only take place in July!

A decade and I'm still insisting in putting a 100% in things that I like. I guess what the Chinese said 'it is easier to move mountains than to change a person’s natural disposition' is quite true haha

Anyway, I think I should go to bed right now. Gotta wake up early tomorrow to figure out the subtitles haha. Good night world

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