Saturday, February 20, 2010

Laugh Therapy

I was so tired yesterday because...

The 3 of them came over

Karaoke, Wii, Wii sports boxing was crazy, Watch Wild Bunny, Laugh a lot, Walk out under the glaring hot sun and cam whore.

But its okay, cause the next time we can do that again is probably some time during June or July. Have a safe trip to Melbourne, Estee Chong! And don't stalk people on facebook ok? haha

Every Friday night, I'll watch this Korean tv program called 1 Night 2 Days. It is the funniest TV program ever! Every episode is so funny and yesterday's one was epic! Its been some time since I last laughed out really really loud. I couldn't breathe properly due to all that laughters. Gonna watch the repeat again tomorrow!

I think my glucose level went really high up from all that laughters. I couldn't sleep at all after the show and only woke up at 9AM this morning which is considered as very late for me. Went to IKEA and almost fell asleep on one of their sofa bed.

On a different note, I've started blogging via Tumblr! But I'm only using that to practice my Japanese. Today's Japanese class just made me realize how careless I can be and I really need to use more Japanese. If you understand Japanese or just feel like reading it, Follow me here! I'm trying to make it as interesting as possible.

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