Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bloody Monday

f(x) = 5^(x+0.5) -2

A new species of bacteria, 'Bloody Monday' is functioned as above function where x represents time in hours and f(x) represents the population. When someone is infected with this bacteria, that person will be lazy to attend school or work on Monday. Thankfully, this bacteria will stop growing after reaching the growth rate of 1.3328 x 10^17. How long will it take to reach its maximum growth?

May contain spoilers!

Bloody Monday Season 2 is so much better than Season 1! It's not as laggy as the first season, more action, more suspense, more drama and a whole lot more of hacking. But it's kinda sad to see 2 of my favorite characters, Kanzaki Jun (J) and Orihara Maya dying/dead. Noooo!

Will Fujimaru and Otoya save the day? I hope this show continues at this current pace. I don't want it to drag and drag and end up having too many characters and it will be too complicated.

Anyway, the answer for the question above is 24 hours. The bacteria will stop growing after 24 hours because it's Tuesday already, no more Monday blues. I came up with this question about 1.5 years ago and now, I've forgotten how to use logs and algebra haha.

Talking about Monday... my sophomore year begins next Monday. I think I'm quite ready to go back to school! Please don't get me infected with Bloody Monday.

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