Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am Back!

..with a backache and 2 bruises. Sometimes, I really wonder what is my REAL age. It's either the back or the leg thats playing a prank on me.

Anyway, I'm really lazy to blog about CNY in details. So I'll just blog about it briefly ya.

Day 1
It's the year of the tiger, but I wore a bunny shirt. Should have kept it for next year eh? Haha some of my Malay relative came over and visit us. This is the first time that their WHOLE family came over. There were about 15 kids and 7 adults I think. I'll story about this family some other time ya?

This is not even half of those present haha

At night, the Chongs went out for another dinner. This time, its at Hoi Loong, which is one of our usual restaurant. And the food was way better too.

A family picture in the hall before leaving the house

Receiving red packets from my grandma

my super red cheeks after a couple glasses of white wine, my sister and my cousins

The next day, we head up North to my mum's hometown, Sg Petani, Kedah. In Sg Petani, you won't feel full because your tummy will always be bloated. The food there is way too cheap and tasty! So much better than here back home. And, the people there will never give u funny stares even if you wear your favorite Hello Kitty boxers out for supper.

But don't dress less. Cause the people there are quite conservative

And these are some of my cousins

In a nut shell.. CNY is HOT! So hot that my dad didn't want to get out of his car haha.

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