Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog not dead!

In case you're wondering what happened to me. I'm still alive! Haha I have too many blogs to update lately. Shoujiki Shindoi and my sports blog ∞ arena. For somehow who doesn't know much about sports, maintaining a sports blog that will be assessed is quite tiring. And not forgetting the weekly sports quiz.. Thank God I usually open my eyes when I go shopping. At least I can recognize some football players, their endorsements and their jerseys. And I've been following F1 since the season begin. Cricket, rugby? Give me a break!

So if you any sports tips, let me know ya!


  1. Badminton will be a easy for a Malaysian ? Tennis is everywhere on ESPN nowadays, basketball..well...don't know. XD I think if you're doing on badminton you'll be able to give it your best!

    Ganbatte ne!

  2. haha things would be easier if its all about watching one sports! haha i'm expected to write about all types of sports! and thanks for the wishes hehe

  3. hahaha! part of journalism ?? tough job..especially anything about sports. Can faint. haha! XD

    Good luck !!