Friday, October 9, 2009


Happy Birthday, Pa! Thanks for everything you've gave and done for us. And sorry for behaving badly at times and giving you a whole lotta avoidable trouble. And thanks for always being there for the family.

Happy belated birthday to Kristy's dad too! May you live a healthy and happy life~

Anyway.. this morning, Clair came over to my house to copy Wild Bunny. I've poisoned her again this time. *insert evil laugh* I copied Criminal Minds, Gossip Girls, Suit Life on Deck and some movies from her too~ Thanks yo!

I just came back from dinner at Sushi Tei @ Tropicana Mall. The food there's not bad! Especially the Mentai Salmon sushi. A really really generous portion of mentai on the salmon! Double or maybe triple of Sushi Zanmai! Their phoenix roll was really good too! A huge pieces of unagi, prawn and avocado! Avocado's been playing quite a huge role on fusion sushi nowadays. I like! <3

Ah.. back to burying my head into the pile of assignments after playing for a day.

Something I came interesting I came across from Reader's Digest

“I use far fewer calories than the average person. I am much more economically and environmentally sustainable. I exhale less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I use up less space. I have a little house”

Robert Reich in the NY times Magazine on the advantages of being short.

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