Friday, October 2, 2009

Going to bed Mad At You, Going to bed Mad at Me

My original plan for today is to visit Japan Foundation's Library to renew my membership and to borrow some JLPT books. However, I was a little lazy.. and don't see why I should be investing my membership fee when I hardly borrow books, somemore Mid Valley's kinda far from me, plus I can download the JLPT stuff online.. and my sister was craving for meat balls. So where did we go? IKEA! The place that I hate and love at the same time.

To make my day more challenging,I wore my brand new retro looking high heels. I manage to survive for 3 hours only!! It's too painful?tiring? I don't know... I don't know what kind of sensation was that. The moment I switch to my flops, my feet felt really really weird ahha. Not bad la.. for a first timer. I walk around The Curve, twice around IKEA just to find the laptop support , Ikano and Tesco! Next challenge is to dance in that pair of heels! Haha why am I fighting against gravity? Haha anyway will take a pic of my heels next time

I bought my laptop supporter, hangers again!,Singaolla biscuits, marker pens for Clair and Ballerina biscuits for Emily. I should charge them extra for being their runner haha

Yesterday, my sister bought me Mow's Kyoho flavored ice cream. It was quite disappointing haha. I still like the coffee one best.

In case anyone's wondering about the title.. it's from Ne-Yo's Mad. It's a nice song..go check it out

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