Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Again & Again.. I hate you

Happy birthday to Toma :)

It's week 11 of the semester already! 2 weeks more to go and then final exam. Haha I realize that I don't really blog about my uni life huh? My favorite place of Monash got to be the Journalism Lab cause of the Macs there. And thanks to it, I have a chance to learn how to use a Mac! And people are asking for help from me when they don't know how to operate a Mac proud Besides that, I also like this open area with tables and chairs situated behind the book shop. I'm not sure what is it called..but I usually refer to it as Sandwich Bar cause it looks like a good place to eat sandwich. I usually hangs out with Emily, who shares the same birthday as me!! and Jessica who coincidentally enrolled in the same classes as me in every classes~ I can't wait for my semester break and we'll go for a trip.. Baggan Lalang! heee

I'm so sleepy *yawns*. Oh ya~~ the Samantha Thavasa bags that I ordered finally arrived! heee I'm happy happy and finally I can sleep in peace without worrying about it

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