Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fashion Terrorist #3

This morning, my mum was tidying up her wardrobe and came across this top she bought 8 years ago. She ask me whether I wants it or not cause I use to wear it last time. So I said Yes! as I really liked it back then.

But! The top became really short cause I grew taller. And I don't have nice abs like the KARA girls.. so how?

Match it with high waist pants! And don't forget a belt
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Haha do you know the jeans shorts are super old too? I bought it when I was in primary school haha. But I didn't like mum took it. She wore it to market.. line dancing.. everywhere! and now it's back to me hahaha. As for shoes.. I tried with my 10 year old platform shoe..but it turn out pretty bad heh

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