Monday, October 5, 2009

Buzz Buzz Buzzer Beat's been 3 days since I've updated. Don't you guys miss me? Anyway.. I've been having some internet issue the past few days. And it turned out to be the extension cord's problem. Chehhhh.. I could have reached my 1000th tweet 2 days ago.. But it's alright. Thanks to the internet hiatus, I manage to finish watching my long awaited and anticipated drama, Buzzer Beat! Will blog more about it some other time ya

Last Saturday was Mid Autumn Festival. A belated Mid Autumn Festival to everyone out there! This year was a little different for me. My relatives came together and we had steamboat in my uncle's house. Went to the field with my nephews after meal. I wanted to take more pictures but the flash was a killer to the eyes! So I took some slow shutter shots.. which will be uploaded next time. It's still in the camera.

On Sunday, the lappie manage to detach some wireless nearby. The signal was so faint and weak that it can only get connected for like 2 minutes and it's so hard to detach it again. But I was so lucky cause I manage to send out 2 or was it 3 tweets. I'm a twitter slave! and one of them is to J. I tweet to J everyday I'm such a dedicated fan haha. If only KinKi Kids or Pi has twitter too.

I got back my communication and psychology assignment this morning and I did really badly for my Comm assignment. It's really annoying when people who did not work hard for it gets better grade then me! Jeez. My uni friend Emily, shared the same fate as me too. We got the same marks for both assignment.. and we both share the same birthday too haha.. Seriously.. My lecturer should have gave us back our assignments earlier so I know what should I work on for my 2nd assignment. My 2nd assignment weights 40% of my course you knowwww.

I have so many things to blog..but I can't seem to remember what I wanna blog

and lastly, a big shout out to Jackie! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYY! Big girl already.. don't so jahat okay. Be nice to people and don't show that ganas face.

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