Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The picture I posted yesterday was actually on today's Chinese newspaper. And it's not about Kame looking good in jeans but skinny is the new 'in' thing instead of packs. Hmm.. I don't really have a stand to that statement. Some people looks better skinny while some looks good with muscles.

Ohh.. Happy 51st post by the way. 51 is one of my favorite numbers along with 2, 39,244 and 383.
No, this is not an entry telling you to buy a lotto number. Oh and I love my student ID number too. 21979707. I bet many KinKi Kids fans out there wants that number too haha

Why am I blogging about numbers? I think it's because I'm currently very conscious about the word count for my journalism major assignment. So far..I've written only about 450 words. I need to write a 1600 words feature and another 500 words self critique..and not forgetting the transcript. When is it due? Friday!

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