Friday, October 16, 2009

Potong stim + Homestay

Sushi King's RM2 Bonanza was quite a let down. Can't complain much I guess.. cause it's cheap. But last time was okay The wrong time at the wrong place perhaps? While happily waiting for my Ebi tempura sushi and Inari to reach me, the electricity went off! It lasted for quite some time so my sister and I decided to leave with only 4 plates of Sushi being gulped down. And 3 plates are the same one. Now I'm thinking twice whether to renew my membership or not. If only Zanmai has some special membership card haha. But at least One card can be used in Zanmai. There was a Japanese food fair in One Utama too. Sis and I bought quite a lot of food from there! Can't wait to try the Soba! Not forgetting, We were given Shojikiya and Pasta Zanmai vouchers too!

2 days ago, I receive an Email from Titan Planet saying that they're having a Homestay in Japan this December (18th to 27th) It's so tempting BUT it's in Hokkaido! Yes, its true that I wish to visit Hokkaido.. but in December?? I will definitely fall sick. mentally Haha that is how much I dislike cold weather. Fyi, the temperature for Hokkaido in December can fall below negative.

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