Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Got Married

Firstly.. I'm sorry if you find the twitter pop up asking for your username and password annoying. This is because some britney spam guy/girl keep following my twitter even though I've blocked them like n times. So I decided to lock my tweets. But I'll unlock it soon so no worries about it? Haha

Remeber Maki the cat? It's very naughty and playful Haha. He likes to peep in from the corner and see what are we doing in the kitchen. And always attempt to sneak into the house. When I serve them food, he'll rush to the bowl with Mikan while the other 2 kittens just hide behind the pots watching them. So cute la he

Watched 'We Got Married' to take a break from Communication just now. It's a Korean reality show which features top stars fakely getting married. I didn't really like the idea of this show and refuse to watch it initially. But when diva Kwon's in it, you know you wanna watch it! I don't regret it la cause Kwon's really funny! With a macho tough wife like Ga In, he still manage to take the lead despite he's younger than her.

It's Wednesday! Haha the day You're Beautiful go on air. Tomorrow too

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And yes.. I'm a day closer to Friday! I've been accumulating lots of videos for my days after Friday. Can't wait for it!

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