Monday, November 30, 2009

Music Monday #2 #3

Hello! It's time for another Music Monday. There weren't any entries last Monday so I'll have 2 today.

Firstly, it's "Everybody Knows" by John Legend. I first heard this song on the radio, on my way to Kayu for breakfast best Roti Canai in town! It's quite early in the morning so I was half awake. Half awake-ly, I was trying to catch the lyrics of the song in case I couldn't catch the singer's name later on. I manage to catch only 3 lines. "‘Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows","I wish you the best, I guess." "I wish we gave it one more try"
I guess why the lyrics really got my attention is because that time(when I heard this song) was during the earlier days of Jay's withdrawal. And that time, everyone's finding the right words to say..

For the lyrics, click here

Next, my second song is a Korean song entitled "Sarang Bi" (Love Rain) by Kim Tae Woo.First heard this song on TV but it didn't really catch my attention until I heard it on "Invincible Youth" I think? Kim Tae Woo is also the best R&B singer of the year in Korea. I think his voice is really nice.

Here's a short preview of the song

For the full song, click here and for the lyrics/translation, HERE

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