Monday, November 2, 2009

The Fruit of Midsummer

Happy 11th birthday to Kenshiro. It must have been really hard for a dog at such age to play around and be active like it used to be. Your owner really cherishes you, you lucky dog!

I'm way behind my study schedule and I really need to stop listening to those power house vocals emo songs! Oh

You know what.. There are 2 things that I really regret not buying from Taiwan 2 years ago! whats with the sudden change of topic? I think I've mentioned this before in the old blog, but will blog about it again cause I'm feeling the regret-ness now. Dayum! I should have bought the Seishun Amigo single. It's dirt cheap and I hesitated? Whats wrong with me?? And the second item.. Southern All Star's (SAS)album! I was holding it, preparing to buy it but why did I put it back?!?! Bodoh! They're a little old but their songs are really good! I personally love Tsunami and Manatsu no Kajitsu (The fruit of Midsummer) the most! My Japanese teacher loves SAS too!

There were a couple of remakes of Manatsu no Kajitsu..but no one beats Kuwata Keisuke (lead singer of SAS). EXILE's version was really beautiful but not enough emotions/spirit inside and their vocal range is not as big as Kuwata. Jackie Cheung's one is alright and so is Bonnie Pink. The worst was this group called A.G.E Not only they didn't do justice for the song..but totally killed it. SAS songs are very very hard to sing because of the octaves! But I really wish to see Tsuyoshi performing a SAS song. He definitely have the amount of emotions to sing it! He totally pwn the song Shirushi, a very emotional song (in my opinion) originally by Mr. Children.

I also enjoy SAS' collaboration with Mr. Children! Mr. Children are really good musicians and they're on my MUST BUY list when I go to Taiwan again next time which I don't know when So many CDs and DVDs to buy when I visit Taiwan. They'll probably mistaken me as a DVD seller or something.

Wow.. I actually did a Music entry.. how rare.Haha I usually try to avoid writing something music-ey cause I'm not so much of a music junkie and I don't know much about music. Though I took American Music and Asian Music in Uni Talking about Asian music, SAS was mentioned in my Asian Music unit book heh.

There were people who ask me "Did u listen to SAS because of Yamapi?" The answer is No. The person who intro-ed SAS to me was actually Yun Ho. He listed Tsunami as one of his "currently addicted song" years ago. I find it foreign, so went and Youtube it and really really liked that song.

Haha do you know this song is actually an insert song for Tsuyoshi's drama "Moto Kare"? When I heard it in that show..I was like OOOHH!!

I'll be blogging on another Japanese musician some time soon! Look forward to it

Oh my.. just re read this entry and finds the flow really bad! Sorry bout it! haha too lazy to edit it

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