Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So today was the 2nd day of Jusco's member's day. 8.30am, I left home to Jusco, expecting a very small crowd. I was wrong la. Looks like Malaysian consumers are getting more and more competitive. This member's bonanza only begins at 9am, so my sis and I went for breakfast at McD haha.. the guy did charged only 90 cents for my sausage mcmuffin! Manage to buy quite a lot of stuff..mainly groceries that mummy told us to get.

The crowd was actually quite okay only compare to last year's one. I remember bumping into Yvonne last year haha. Maybe it's the 2nd day? Or it's still early? Or maybe Robinson also had their member's day today. Mid Valley's probably the busiest mall today. My mum went there at 11am and couldn't find any parking at all.

I was searching for a pack of Xmas cards.. but it's either too expensive or not so impressing design. I couldn't find a proper pack to the point that my sister told me to draw and photocopy it. Knowing my drawing ability..this is probably not a good idea. Good thing I manage to find a quite okay pack of cards. Gonna start writing it soon! Hee I've also gotten some Xmas gifts. Hohohohoho

Another day closer to the release of results..

I've already decided what to post on next Music Monday! heee and hopefully tomorrow I'll work a little on fashion terrorist as well

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