Wednesday, November 18, 2009


If you're on twitter.. you'll probably notice that #deadfisheyes is was a trending topic today for quite some time.
Here's a print screen of it if you missed it
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What are #deadfisheyes you wonder? It's actually Yamapi's eyes haha.It's very very obvious in his younger pictures. Not still got la..but not so fisheyy. His fans are inspired by the trending topics created by Kpop fans and decided to make one for him too. I contributed too! haha Too bad it didn't reach the peak of the trending topics.. It's just too hard to beat New Moon. But no worries! His single made it into the first spot of the daily Oricon chart. was announced that there will be a Code Blue season 2 next Winter! Awesome possum.

So boring la these few days. Nothing much going on. Just catching up with some videos, study Japanese and thats all.

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