Monday, November 9, 2009

There is nothing permanant but change

The thing about being on break is you have all the time to update your blog but there's nothing to blog about.

I've been watching quite some shows related to "Life" lately. Is the topic of Life a new boom among audiences lately? Hmm..I guess people just like to watch about things that they can relate to or things that might happened to them some day later. Among all these 'slice of life' type of drama, I like "Tengoku de kimi ni aetara" (If I can meet you in heaven) the best. It's not the average lead actor was diagnosed with cancer and die in the end type of story cause it was narrated from the psychiatrist's point of view.

Honestly after taking Communication, I look at technology differently. There was this topic on fandom about why people are so emotionally disturbed when their favorite celebrities passed away or when something happened to them. One reason is of course It's because you like them. But why do u like them? It's because technology have created a para-social relationship between your favorite celebrity and you. It feels like you're having a face to face interaction with them and you'll feel like they're your friend. See how technology alters our emotion. The explanation is a whole lot longer..but I'm lazy to explain further and it will be boring haha. But if you're interested to know..u can leave a comment and I'll blog about it next time.

Maybe I should get a part time job at Etude House instead of sitting behind technology. Haha My semester break is till next March. I have some plans but I don't think it's sufficient to last me till next year. Ahh

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