Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ouch ouch

When I was a kid, I fall, trip, bang, hit, injured myself so much that my mum was so worried that there might be some loose screw in my brain. These injuries are so unexpected, not as dramatic as those you see on 'One Fine Day' but they're just so silly and could have been prevented.

And now, not even inhaled 20 years worth of oxygen, I'm feeling all these pain coming back to me. Almost every morning, I wake up in pain. It's always the leg or the back. Ok, maybe that's due to bad posture but can you imagine how I would be like when I'm 60? I'll probably have rheumatism as my bff. No!! I don't want that to happen. =(

On a very very different note, I'll be attending some Free Talk session organized by the language center I took my Japanese lesson from. There will be some Japanese exchange students and second home families etc. I'm actually quite worried and nervous about it. Should I speak in a casual or a formal way? What if I said something stupid? bad PR What if I ran out of things to ask? Anyway, I'm preparing a set of questions so if you guys have anything to ask, feel free to drop a comment and I'll add it into the list. Hopefully I get to interview some of them and write something out of it.

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