Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is that a...?

It's Sunday and I've not fully recovered yet. But that doesn't stop my busy body-ness. I'm a mystery maniac journalism student after all haha. I think I became more paranoid alert after relocating to my new place. Whenever an unknown sound could be heard, I will look outside and try to find out what's going on. Currently, there's only 2 houses here and I believe the security guard will do a good job. But I think it's better to trust myself more than relying on someone else.

Last Thursday night, I heard some car engine sound while I was bejeweling doing my readings. I peeped out and saw a suspicious looking guy, trying to unlock the padlock that locks the open space behind my house. Basically this open space is being used to store building material for the 3rd house that is currently under construction.

I thought he wanted to steal sand or scrap or anything that's valuable. My sister told me to stop observing that person because he might take out a gun and start shooting at my direction. But I didn't really bother and took a picture of him trying to open the padlock and jotted down his car plate number. It was really dark and the flash from the camera might get his attention so I adjusted the camera's ISO to the max. The picture looks more like a paranormal shot thanks to my shaky hands.

I told my mum about it and she said it might be the 3rd house's owner. Apparently, he did not receive the right letters and documents to build the house, so its currently on hold. He probably came and collect some stuff. Future neighbor or not, I'm so sorry for making you sound like some suspicious criminal and even worse, making you look like a paranormal figure.

And on Friday night, I've learnt a lesson. Never ever drink if you're having a cold and you wanna stay up late. I can hear everyone saying DUH to me. But let me explain first ya?

Last Friday, my dad opened a bottle of Merlot and ask whether I wanna drink or not. So I said ok. Cause this wine is consider dilute for a red wine and I thought that I might recover from the cold that I caught if I drank a little of it. I had a blocked nose so I couldn't really taste anything so instead of drinking small sips, I drank quite a mouthful in one go.

Sick + a mouthful of wine =strength less and couldn't even lift up a finger

My will power was put on a test because I really wanted to stay up and watch my favorite TV show, 1 Night and 2 Days. My week will never be complete if I don't watch that show. And I did it! wheeeee I am so proud of myself haha.

And Happy White Day! Any chocolates for me?

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