Sunday, March 21, 2010

The big I

Welcome to another episode of Indecisive Rene! The part that I hate about myself the most. This episode is not about what should I eat for lunch or which bag should I get but which camera should I get???

I've always wanted a lomo camera and after discussing with a couple of parties involved, I finally got the green light to get one. Whoo! But the problem is.. which one?
If you're interested in the camera, click on their names to read more about it.

1. Ultra White Slim yellow

2.Ultra White Kumagin

3.Golden Half Chelsea Maika edition

4.Nico Digi

5.Diana Mini

Basically all of these minus the Nico Digi uses 35mm film. The Chelsea and Diana F is a half camera, meaning that u can double your shots (36 shots to 72 shots). But I don't wanna develop so many photos. Diana F can be switched to a half camera or a full camera. Hmmm.. what do u guys think?

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