Sunday, March 7, 2010

I be illin'

I'm such a kiddo haha. When will I ever grow up? I really enjoy playing my scooter. But its even more exciting because it scares my grandmother. She told my Dad that "Someone just walked pass my room really fast!" My little revenge for her, not appreciating tissues. I know that tissues are not expensive, but that doesn't mean that its okay to finish up 1 box of tissue and 1 roll of toilet roll in 2 days time.

Yesterday's house warming was okay. I thought it would be a good good day for me cause I heard one of my favorite song on the radio. But..Bad weather + huge crowd = What Rene dislike the most.The house warming dinner is supposed to start around 7:30, but the sky started shooting water shots around 7:10. There goes the tables and chairs that we've set up.

It didn't turn out to be like what I've expected it to be like but thank God that Kim was here to listen to my rants. Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot for coming! I really appreciate that!

And I saw something really funny while I was 'assigning' parking spots for the guest. A group of mums totally failed their parking test! One of the security guard told them to park straightly, as in vertically but they did a parallel parking instead.

And it took them really really long to adjust their parking. Sorry, I'm a little mean but I really need to find something to cheer myself up at that time cause I was really hungry and I had to smile to a hundred people who I don't even know

Rene's hospitality, totally failed! I ended up switching on the PC and facebooking after Kim left. AND my nephew had to come upstairs and "I want to play too!" Can I say no? Thank Mac for inventing iTouch.

The house warming ended with a boom. We have used so much power that some electrical appliances shut downed by itself. My sister and my room is 'safe' but parent's room had no lights at all while grandma's room's fan did not work. I laughed silently when I found out the fan failure hehe.

I'm glad that it's over.

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