Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yesterday was...

Yesterday was the last day of the semester. I'm not sure how I did this semester. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to maintain my distinction streak for my Journalism subjects. It seems that my lecturer dint really like my style..AHHH

Exams coming right up soon! And after exams, I'll give The Rene Report a face lift and starts planing for some upcoming project! So please look forward to it. =)

Yesterday was also ossan Azusa's birthday!

Of all the Japanese I meet, she's the most approachable one. It's very easy to talk to her. Maybe its because we're always singing the same tune? I think it's because we usually speaks in English haha.
Anyway, I know I'm annoying and yet you played along with my boke-ness, especially my "boku wa ii ko" gag and me suddenly singing Kamen Butoukai. Hope that you had fun in Malaysia and have a great time in Aussie ya? Am anticipating for November/December to come. Fingers and toes crossed for my Kansai trip this Winter!

Yesterday was also my parent's Silver Jubilee wedding anniversary. Unlike any other years, we had a simple Korean meal this time. Every time I eat Korean food, I can't help but wonder. Japan and Korea are neighbors, why is their food so distinct from each other. Korean cuisine are heavier and stronger in taste while the Japanese have a lighter flavor.

Inspired by the Domoto Bros' Korean trip, I pick a menu that resembles the food they ate in Korea last spring. Besides barbecue, we had this spicy squid thing which was really good and sam gye tang (Ginseng chicken soup)

Hmm..I wonder what is that white thingy on the bowl

Yesterday was so tiring that I only woke up at 9:10am this morning. Jumped off the bed like some ninja master and realized that I really should revise for my upcoming PR paper. Sigh.

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