Monday, June 21, 2010

House Keeping

After weeks of considering, I have decided to start a whole new blog for my Jblog entries. In another words, The Rene Report is now my personal blog where I'll ramble and rant about my daily life.

To my friends who comes to my blog, hoping to read something about what I did last weekend, you now do not have to go through all that ToyotaHondaAjinomotoMoshimoshiKawaii anymore.

Conversely, readers who click on TRR, in hope to find something informational, you no longer have to read about how I was chased by a stray dog. Not that I was chased by one, but you get the story.

There might be some overlapping between both blogs but I'll try to draw the line ya?

And now introducing...*drum rolls*

There's nothing much there yet, but it will grow very soon. I have a couple of entries in my mind already. So please support Shoujiki Shindoi if you're interested ya?

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