Monday, June 7, 2010

I think, therefore I am

No, this entry is not about René Descartes, the Mathematician who hunted me with the Cartesian Plane back then in school aka the French philosopher who appeared in first year psychology with his rationalism. And I thought I could get rid of him after getting rid of Mathematics.

Anyway..don't you think this dried plum looks like the brain? You can see the left and right hemisphere and the muscle/vein/grey/white matter looking thing?

I've asked several people and none thought that it resembles the brain. I receive answers like "Looks more like a chocolate", "Your logic is funny", "I don't understand your logic"

Logic is something really funny don't you think so? Your reasoning senses tells you that it's not right to do that, and yet you still go ahead and do it. Sigh, I've spent my entire weekend reading Tony Parson's "Man and Boy" instead of revising my public relation notes. Oh, the guilt felt the moment I flip through the readings! It was bad, I couldn't sleep.

Talking about the brain. I think there is this tiny man inside my brain, erasing tiny bits of memory stored inside. Keshigomu kun, please don't work so hard. Or at least don't erase off all the Habermas and Grunigs theory that I'm gonna need next week.

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