Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cross Cultural Communication

One Monday night, as I was wandering around the Pasar Malam (night market), I've came to a decision that if I have a foreign friend visiting Malaysia, I'll definitely bring them here. From the way people carry themselves, the language, the food etc... The night market is indeed the living text book of Malaysian Lifestyle 101. Last Monday, I finally had the chance to show Azusa around!

It rained. Stopped and rained again. Sorry if the pictures are badly taken. I'm too lazy to adjust the colors and all.

The first thing we had was Bubble/Pearl drink that originates from Taiwan, if not mistaken. I have no idea why every night market has this drink.

Azusa looks satisfied with her Lychee flavored drink

We were kinda hungry too, so we bought Popiah (Spring Roll) from Stadium Popiah

Close up of a Popiah

And also Char Kueh Kak (Raddish Cake). You can choose with or without eggs and if u like it heavily flavored, u can ask for the spicy one. According to Azusa, its really soft and melts in your mouth.

There's also keropok lekor (Fish sausage?/ Fish flavored chips?) Taste a little fishy but goes really well with chili sauce

Fruits rojak, our very own salad with spicy peanut dressing. A little too spicy in my opinion

Lok Lok, which is the street steamboat. People would pick whatever food they want and deep it inside boiling water or sometimes boiling sauce. It's gaining lots of attention these days.

There's a variety of pastries to choose from too in night markets. Ahh..these cakes are so nostalgic. Used to love these cakesback then when I was a kid.

One thing different about night market in Malaysia and other places is you get to buy fruits, vegetables, fresh fishes, meat etc here.
So colorful ey? Just realize I did not take picture of fruits stall

Big fishes..probably free from oil spill?

Um..frog. I've never tried it but according to my Dad and also Clair, fried frog taste like fried chicken.

There were also non edible goods such as household products, clothes, accessories and toys to name a few. Not forgetting a whole lot of counterfeit goods and bootleg DVD/ PC, PS games

Ding Ding Dang Dang accessories

I don't understand why people often relate clothes sold in night market as low quality. Its funny that they're willing to pay more to buy the same thing from blogshops or shops. Hmmm

Anyway, it started raining quite heavily, so we quickly grab on our very last meal, 'Fried Ice cream' before making a move
It's hot outside and cold in the inside.

For more pictures, click here

Finals are just right around the corner. So I won't be updating until next Friday perhaps? *points at Live Traffic feed* to the reader who click into my blog every 3 hours or so, you don't have to come so often and check on my updates.

Next update: Cross Cultural Communication Part 2

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