Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cross Cultural Communication part2

If you live in a box with horizontal lines all over it, you would think that the world outside are made up of horizontal lines. You would never expect to see vertical lines. Thats why, it is very important to not limit yourself to your own view, especially in cross cultural communication.

All along, I thought that it is very normal to greet your friend's parents as 'auntie' or 'uncle'. I assumed that people all around the world does that? But apparently, not every culture practices that.

Heard from Azusa that in Japan, people would usually greet their friend's parents as *insert friend's name* no okaasan/otousan. (*friend's name*'s mother/father. Some might find it rude if you address them as auntie/uncle. Unless you know them personally, then it might be alright to go ahead and greet them at such manner.Conversely, in a Malaysian context, it would be really weird to do so. We would automatically greet any middle age ladies or men as auntie and uncle.

What about your culture? How do you address or greet your friend's parents?

On a very different note, this entry is suppose to be about me bringing Azusa for some Roti Canai. However, I've accidentally deleted most of the photographs while I was playing around with the camera. And now, I don't know how to blog about it. So I'll just upload whatever picture that is still available in the camera.

Roti Canai master at work

Roti tissue which was really huge! It's called tissue because of it's thin texture.

This is my favorite, Roti Telur. (Telur = Egg in the Malay language)

If you ever visit Malaysia, forget all the expensive food. Roti Canai is definitely a must try..and it's cheap!

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