Friday, January 28, 2011

Tokyo Trip part 2

It’s really funny that geographically speaking, Malaysia is only 1.5 time zones away from Japan and am I undergoing what people call a jet lag??

Third day and still barely alive. But I felt that I’ve wasted one day yesterday so I should at least walk around the neighborhood today.

Breakkie of the day. Rice, omu and *cue Tegomass’ miso soup song*.

Nerima city!

After breakfast, I started my adventure. I went to Homepic which sells a huge variety of stuff from DIY to food. I wanted to get a square fry pan to cook tamagoyaki but somehow I forgot! AHH. I shall just stick to not-in-shape tamagoyaki next time.

Next destination was the super market and 7-11 to hunt for some omiyage.

very bad hair day

This is me half alive, after a ‘fight’ with the flight. I had to at least take a picture because I really like the Nordic top I wore (can’t really see in the picture). Should have save it when I’m feeling better.

Strawberry shortcake

I had Strawberry Shortcake for lunch at a pastry shop nearby. It was really good!! I was feeling sick and this cake actually appeals to me. Must be some super cake. I manage to finish the whole thing but sadly, I ended up vomiting everything out.

Walked around the town, bought some super strong motion sickness medicine, came back watch tv, fast forward to dinner time!

oishii bangohan

I’m not sure what is dish called but it was REALLY GOOD! Appetite has not fully recovered but I still manage to nom some stuff down.

rice and hotate

Mushroom rice, mochi-ish dish and hotate (scallop). The hotate was a huge challenge for me. And yes, I got chocked by it. Had to pull it out from my throat.

I was feeling 20% better on the fourth day so I decided to go to Ueno’s Ameyoko today. I didn’t know that Ueno was so far compared to Shinjuku or Shibuya. More info and pictures on Ameyokocho can be found HERE


“Ameyoko is a busy market street along the Yamanote line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Station, the site of a black market after World War Two.”

I like this place!! Things are quite reasonably priced here. I saw the exact same items in Asakusa and it’s about 20-30 yen cheaper in Ameyoko. So before visiting Asakusa, you might wanna visit Ameyoko first. The people there were quite friendly too. They were like “Gong Hei Fatt Choi, Xin nian kuai le” (Chinese New Year greetings) to me. They also keep mistaken me as a China tourist.

cheap cheap watches

Guess how much did I pay for these 2 pair of watches? Less then 2000-en in total! Totally love the Kanji watch but its slightly oversize for me. And there’s a story behind the other watch haha. I was at the watch store, pointed to that watch and the guy was like “are you sure you want this one? *points at another model* this is the most popular model right now” I insisted that yes I want this watch and turns out that this is the only stock left. should have asked for a discount since it’s a display and he replied “ woahh you’re really lucky, today must be your lucky day” Oh really? I hope so too.

And for dinner~

curry rice style="font-style:italic;">To be continue...

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