Monday, January 31, 2011

Take a break

Hello hello! Gonna take a break from the Tokyo updates and here's some recent updates.

First of all, please vote for my entry for ANA's contest

This is my picture haha I wanted to take e a Nara inspired photo but my reindeer hair band broke!! and my sister even suggested 'Okinawa no Umigame' picture haha
and as much as I love Tokyo... Osaka is the place I want to be. *insert KFC that's where I want to be song*
Anyway, CLICK HERE to go to ANA's fb page and join!And HERE to vote for me! Please vote for me! Probably very hard to get into the top but please vote for me ya =) So I don't have to eat Takoyaki made of recycled materials haha.
Anyway a quick update on what am I up to lately.

Reading! currently reading my very first all Japanese book besides text book Let's just say I'm thankful that I didn't buy Kangerou (a Japanese novel) when I was in Tokyo.

Super bad hair day. Nope, I'm not blowing my hair haha.. was haha it's like Jin's Gokusen hair in a not so stylo way?

And.. the thing about staying at home is you lost the sense of time. CNY this week and I'm still not feeling it.

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