Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tokyo Trip part 1

Finally the long awaited Tokyo Trip report! Sorry it took me so long to update. I was having some major adaptation problem back home. Suddenly I’m dehydrated, migraines, back problem etc. Anyway, enough of the rants, story now.

Back then on the 11th of January, I board Air Asia’s flight D72652 to Tokyo. During the first half of the flight, everything was really good. I read the magazine, flip through their pamphlets, read the emergency guide throughly.. I was like “Hey, I can totally take this to London”.

Danny Choo spotted on the AirAsia’s in flight magazine

Hmm..perhaps I’ve sort of jinxed myself? The later half of the journey was horrible! I vomited four times in four hours time. That’s a new record for me. It’s probably not AirAsia’s fault because everyone seems okay except for me. Anyway, before puking, check your airsickness bag. I’m pretty sure you don’t want a bag with a hole.. like me. don’t ask

Around 10PM local time, my plane landed at Haneda airport. We had to take this bus thing from the plane to the airport and it was SOOOOOOOO cold! Pass through the immigration, grab my luggage, greeted by the nation’s favorite boys and the challenge starts here! I have to head to Edogawa-ku by myself with luggage that weighs about 20kilos.

Arashi says irrashaimase

Just as I walk to the arrival hall, someone called my name. I was like “should I turn back?” I did and it was my cousin. I was totally shocked and didn’t expect him to come. Switched on my phone and realize I was flooded with text messages from home informing me that my cousin will be waiting for me at the airport.

Made my very first purchase, which was the PASMO card, transferred several lines, walked here and there and very big thanks to my cousin, I manage to reach my hotel at Edogawa-ku safely, still feeling sick. Thank you very much for the crash course on Tokyo’s train system.

My ‘touch-and-go’ card

Checked in to Mizue Daiichi Hotel which is located just outside of the Mizue station. I book a room via Airasia and the price is really reasonable. I paid like RM183 for one night which is about 5000-en. There’s a book shop right next to the hotel which I think is open 24 hours? Not exactly sure about that. It was open when I reach there (midnight) and it was also open when I left (morning).

Here’s how the single room looked like

The next morning, I’m scheduled to meet my host family at Kamishakujii station, Nerima-ku. Had to transfer about three trains to get there. Is it me or the elevators are really hidden or there are not elevators at some stations? I had to carry my luggage up the stairs and a swarm of people just ran passed me. Wasn’t expecting anyone to help and this really nice obaachan helped me lift my luggage and ask whether I’m ok. To that lady, thank you so much for helping me!

Skipped breakfast cause the sight and scent of food just turns me off! Anything that goes in, liquid or solid will ended up floating into the ocean via my mouth. I was terribly sick and perhaps anemic? Totally did not expect that. It is very important to prepare yourself for every worst case scenario. Remember, what can go wrong, will go wrong!

Met my host mother at the Kamishakujii station and then walked to their house. My host mother prepared a mochi dish for me. I couldn’t finish it cause I wasn’t feeling well. Ate a little and went to sleep.

My very first meal in Tokyo

To be continue...

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